Who are we? We are Thailand plant Exporter, Orchid Grower and Laboratory. We have been exported plant to Seychelles for more than 5 years. We can send the plant to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) by air cargo service. Plant import permit are required. Please see the following document for theContinue Reading

The import permits are required for importing plants to Zambia. Contact your authorities for more details.*The information may not up to date.* License details: eRegistry: Licenses (businesslicenses.gov.zm) Contact information: Address: Mulungushi house, Independence Ave.P.O. BOX 50197 ,LusakaWebsite: www.agriculture.gov.zmEmail: pcd@maff.gov.zmTelephone: +260 01-253933Fax: +260 250305WEBSITE: Contact Us – Ministry of Agriculture TheContinue Reading

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There are many factors that affect the growth of orchid and flower. You have to know their basic requirement and apply it for your plants. Water/Humidity Water Water is the main component in plant cell (about 90%). They use it for photosynthesis, as a solvent , to controlling the temperatureContinue Reading

There are various types of disease that will damage your plants and nursery. You have to consider the right prevention and elimination method to protect the plants. Black Rot This is a major disease that has been found in many orchid varieties such as Vanda, Cattleya, Aranda and Dendrobium. Causes:Continue Reading

When you receive the orchid flask from the transportation, de-flask them within 1 month or immediately if the bottle breaks. You can remove the plants by breaking the bottle. Please visit the link for the video:(135) Deflask Orchids By Amthaiorchids – YouTube You should cover the bottle by newspaper aboutContinue Reading

Flowering depends on the amount of carbohydrate and hormone in plants. The flowering of tropical orchids can be controlled by following methods. Fertilizer, this is the most famous method in Thailand, we use 13-27-27 fertilizer grade for hybrids dendrobium and 10-15-17 fertilizer grade for Vanda. We use 1.5-2.0 times higherContinue Reading


These fungi are beneficial to the orchids. They are different from other mycorrhizal fungi in the other plant. They can grow in root, root crop, stem, underground stem, and orchid’s protocorm. They look like a coiled fiber in the cortex layer. They live densely in the ground root of commensalismContinue Reading

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Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) are organic substance that can modify the growth of orchids. It can be synthesized by the orchids themselves or by human. Auxins such as NAA (alpha napthaleneacetic acid) and IBA (indole-3-butyric acid). They are produced by the tip of orchids. They improve cell growth and elongation.Continue Reading

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Orchid’s root has lower efficiency of absorption compare to the other variety plants due to the Tilosome at the exodermis layer of root. It is a barrier to move the nutrient between exodermis and cortex layer. But CAM orchids have a high efficience absorption at leaf while stomata are opening.Continue Reading

Normally, the CAM orchids have a thick, rough leaf and pseudobulb such as Aranda, Aranthera, Caliente, Cattleya, Coelogyne, Dendrobium, Laelie, Phalaenopsis, Thunia and Vanilla. They have an ability to keep the water in their leaf or stem. So, they can bear to hot weather than thin and smooth leaf suchContinue Reading