Dendrobium Orchid

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When we talk about orchid in Thailand, most of the people will think about a bunch of orchids or an orchid in a vase for Buddha worship. In fact, it has many orchid species in the world such as Vanda, Cattleya, Rhynchostylis, etc. It also including Dendrobium, which is popular for uses to pay respect to Buddha. And of course, today we will talk about Dendrobium.



In this article, we will talk about Dendrobium at first because Dendrobium is the biggest orchid species in the world. The origin of this species was from Asia and Pacific island. So, Dendrobium is a tropical plant and grows up easily in Thailand.  The characteristic of Dendrobium is Monocots and Semi-epiphyte. It grows up well on a tree or stone. It has a small root and must use a growing media such as a coconut husk. It has a Sympodial growth what has many plants.



Sympodial plant has a limited grow up because it can’t grow up anymore when it has fully grown. It has pseudobulb for storing food to feed a bole, so it will not die immediately after we cut it. Moreover, top-bud of a fully grown pseudobulb can change to be a flower bud and growing up to be a flower.


A leaf’s characteristic is zigzag and overlap arrangement. It is a strap-leaf, green, thick and leaf’s edge is wide spread. A flower is different depend on its species but a common characteristic is 3 sepals (1 dorsal sepal and 2 lateral sepals) and 3 petals. Some species maybe change one of petal to be a labellum or lip which is has a different color from sepals and petals.



And the orchid’s fruit, we called ‘pod’. Orchid pod is a green and will change to brown when it has ready to be a new orchid. It has many seed in orchid’s pod. You can take it to grow a new plant or use a technology to make a hybrid species.



You can see that an orchid in Dendrobium are many different species more than we see normally in present. As mentioned above, it not has only one orchid species in the world. So, next time we will introduce you another orchid species.

Let’s orchid light up your world

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