How to care for Hoya plants

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Before buying a Hoya plant, you have to learn their behavior, what they need, what is the suitable environment, planting material and plant nutrient.

Pot: Plastic pot is the most popular because it has a light weight. And clay pot is also recommended due to humidity keeping ability.

Planting material: The planting material is depending on the weather and the humidity in your region. The recommend planting materials are coconut husk, charcoal, volcanic rock, and pumice. Do not use soil because fungi can be incurred.

Light: The suitable light intensity is about 50-60%. You might use the shading net to control the light intensity. If the light is not enough, the stem will be extended, and it will affect the growth of flower.

Water: The watering time should be in the morning, and if the planting material getting dry before noon, you have to water it again in 3.00-4.00 pm.

Fertilizer: Both soluble fertilizer and slow-release fertilizer can be used. High Phosphorus contents can speed up the flower growth. It should be used twice a week and spray it in the morning.

Pest and disease

The most common pest and disease found in Hoya are fungi, leaf spot disease and aphids.

Fungi: It incurs when there is too much moisture in the planting material. Normally, it is commonly found in raining season. The stem and leaves will turn to yellow. Cut the rest and re plant in the new planting material. You can spray the fungicide to stop the spreading.

Leaf spot disease: It is incurred by the Phyllosticta Zingiberi fungi. It will destroy the inner stem and leave. You can prevent it by using Fungicide.

Aphids: it is a small bug that sucks the sap from the stem, leave, and flower. The leave will kink and flower will wilt. It can be eliminated by using Abamectin.

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Aphids: Aphids | Missouri Department of Conservation (

Hoya propagation

One method of propagation is sexual propagation. It is the reproduction of plants by seeds. You can get the new hybrid offspring that is difference from the parent plants. It may has a difference flower color or leaf pattern.

  1. Prepare the seed pod. You can select the old pod by looking at the pod color. It will turn from green to yellow, and ready to explode.
  2. After remove the seed from the pod, plant them immediately to increase the survive rate.
  3. Use sphagnum moss or husk (soak it for a night), strew the seed on them. It will take about a week to grow.

The other method for propagation is cutting. This method is easier and faster. But the offspring will be the same as the parent.

  1. Cut the Hoya branch with the pair of leaves.
  2. Remove the other leaf to reduce the loss of water.
  3. Cut the excess stem to make the plant stronger.
  4. If the leaves is close with others, you can cut it in a group.
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