How to de-flask the orchid

When you receive the orchid flask from the transportation, de-flask them within 1 month or immediately if the bottle breaks.

You can remove the plants by breaking the bottle. Please visit the link for the video:(135) Deflask Orchids By Amthaiorchids – YouTube

You should cover the bottle by newspaper about 3-4 layers before breaking it. Smash it at the edge. Carefully remove the remaining glass. Clean the agar from the root to prevent incurring of the fungi. You may drop some Betadine to the cleaning water and gently stir. Then remove them to the dry basket. Keep the plants straight and close to other to maintain the moisture. Watering them once a day at the morning. Do not use fertilizer in this state.

Orchid hardening

After 1 month, plant them in the planting material that is suitable to your climate. In this state, fertilizer can be applied. the recommend fertilizer is 21-21-21 fertilizer grade and alternating with 15-30-15 fertilizer grade. They will grow about 1 inch per month. You may use the half dose for the seedling plants but twice a week instead of one.

orchid seedling amthaiorchid Thailand
orchid seedling Amthaiorchid Thailand

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