How to Import plant to Jamaica?

Who are we?

We are Thailand plant Exporter, Orchid Grower and Laboratory. We have been exported plant to Jamaica for more than 10 years. We can send the plant to Norman Manley International Airport (KIN) by air cargo service. Plant import permit are required.

We have been exported plant to Jamaica for more than 10 years.

Jamaica Import permit

Process Steps

Step 1: Importer lodges application for import permit electronically or in office

Step 2: If logged in office, application input to e-trade system
Step 3 Senior PQD officer checks application

Step 4:

If status is rejected then:

(i) The applicant is advised by email

(ii) Rejection advice is received by email

If status is approved then:

(i) Permit conditions input and application approved in the e-trade system

(ii) Approved and payable advice received in the e-trade system

If the payment method is manual then:

(a) (i) Importer attends office and makes payment

(a) (ii) The cashier accepts payment and enters details in system

(a) (iii) System issues receipt

(a) (iv) E-trade changes the application to deliverable

(a) (v) Import Permit is printed

(a) (vi) The import permit is provided to the importer

(a) (vii) The Import Permit is received

If the payment method is online then:

(b) (i) Importer makes an online payment

(b) (ii) System issues receipt

(b) (iii) The receipt is issued

(b) (iv) Importer presents receipt to PQD

(b) (v) Import Permit is printed

(b) (vi) Import Permit provided to the importer

(b) (vii) Import Permit is received

For more details, please visit: Jamaica Trade Information Portal – View1 SearchProcedure (

The following pictures are the example of the permit:

Jamaica Import Permit
Jamaica Import Permit

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us:

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