How to import plant to Seychelles?

Who are we?

We are Thailand plant Exporter, Orchid Grower and Laboratory. We have been exported plant to Seychelles for more than 5 years. We can send the plant to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) by air cargo service. Plant import permit are required.

We have been exported plant to Seychelles for more than 5 years.

Please see the following document for the import permit detail.

The following is the example of Biosecurity import permit.

Biosecurity import permit (plant)

Contact info:

Trade Department General Enquiry
Tel: (248) 43821 35
Customs General Enquiry
Tel: (248) 4293737

Seychelles Registrar
Independence House
1st Floor
Phone Number: 428 09 00

Import and Export Permit Unit
Trade Department
Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade
Maison Esplanade
Tel: 43821 43/ 61/ 62

Department of Health
Ministry of Health
Mt. Fleuri
Tel: 4388000

Department of Environment
Botanical Garden, Mont Fleuri
Tel: 4670500

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Botanical House, Mont Fleuri
Tel: 4286500

Commissioner of Police
Police Headquarters, Victoria
Tel: 4288000

Department of Information Technology
Caravelle House, Victoria
Tel: 4286609

Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
Seychelles International Airport, Pointe Larue
Tel: 4384000

Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority
Trinity House, Victoria
Tel: 4224866

Department of Agriculture
Orion Mall Building, Palm Street
Tel: 4324000

Road Transport Commission
Quadrant Building
Tel: 4672400

Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry
H.I.S House, Providence Industrial Estate, Mahe
P.O. Box 1399
Tel: 432-3812
Fax: 432-1422

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us:

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