How to unbox your plant?

Pot plant, House plants, Ornamental, Foliage plants, Indoor plants, orchid, Packing

The plants are dried before packing to prevent rot during the transportation.

In some countries, we have to bare root the plants due to their regulations and reducing the shipping charge.

Pot plant, House plants, Ornamental, Foliage plants, Indoor plants, orchid
Drying process

The transportation could take from 2 days to 7 days. you should prepare the suitable area or bench before arrival.

  • Unpack the plants immediately and carefully upon arrival of shipment.
  • Spread out the plants.
  • Spray water in the next day.
  • Potting them with the right environment within one week. Vanda and Mokara orchid do not require the media.
  • Spray fertilizer and fungicide after two weeks arrival.
  • The plant leaves might turn yellow and fall. Plants will recover back soon.

Vanda Flowering size


Normally in Thailand, we use coconut husk or charcoal as an Orchid media. But bark, sphagnum moss, perlite and cinder are also recommended. It depends on your climate and humidity.

Orchid Media — What Should I Use to Plant My Orchid? – Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

Orchids are air plants. They don’t like a compact media or soil. They need some space between their root to be able to breath. They don’t like too much water either. If you see some leaves turning yellow, take it out. It will stop spreading. This can be caused by over watering or lack of light. You can check it by touching the media. And indirect sunlight is a must.

Dendrobium seedling size

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