Orchid mycorrhizal fungi (OMF)


These fungi are beneficial to the orchids. They are different from other mycorrhizal fungi in the other plant. They can grow in root, root crop, stem, underground stem, and orchid’s protocorm. They look like a coiled fiber in the cortex layer. They live densely in the ground root of commensalism orchids. And medium amount in air root.

 They are essential in a life cycle of orchids since the germination of seed which is helped by more than 1 type of OMF. They also promote the orchid’s growth in nature by slowing release the nutrient. Orchids receive Nitrogen and Phosphorus from them. So, when the orchids lack of food, it can take many months to show the symptom.

OMF that similar to Rhizoctonia such as Ephulorhiza, Ceratoriza and Tullasnela can crucially promote the absorption of required nutrients, Ex. They can efficiently move phosphorus into root and the OMF in Phalaenopsis’s root helps to prevent soft rot disease.  

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