Phytosanitary Certificate

Phytosanitary Certificate (Thailand) is used to certify that the domestic plants or plant products have been inspected according to appropriate procedures. This is basic document for importing plants. All of the plants are required.

This is an officially document for internationally plant shipping. The destination country will request it. All the exporting varieties and quantity will be listed in the document.

Some countries require the addition inspection. It is list in your import permits. We will prepare the plants to meet all the condition.

Normally, we will treat the plant with the chemical to prevent fungi and pests before exporting.

CITES certificate

CITES certificate (Thailand) is stand for The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. It’s an international agreement between governments to protect endangered plants and animals. All of the orchids excepts flask are required this permit.

CITES certificate
CITES certificate

How long does it take for the Plant certificates?

We can provide both permits to all customer. It will take 1-2 working days to get the documents. Some of the plants which require a special treatment or additional inspection (declaration) will take 2-3 more days.

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