Adenium Assorted Color / 50 flowering plants


Wholesale Adenium Assorted Flowering Plant

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Botanical Name: Adenium

Size: Flowering plants (in bud)

QTY: 50 Plants / Set

How Often do they bloom? : 2-3 times / year

Duration of Blooming: 1- 3 weeks

Plant Height: 20-30 cm

Pot Size: 6”

Plant Color: Varies

Growing Media Material: Coconut Husk

Please check your country’s regulation of importing goods from Thailand and informs us about their requirement. (ex. no soil/no husk, etc)

Terms of shipment: FOB BKK

Place of Origin: Thailand

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QTY: 50 plants

For flowering size, it will be assorted depends on the available plant at that time.



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Weight 7.5 kg