Den.Aredung Green / Blooming Plants


Minimum Order Quantity : 20 plants each

40 USD/pack (20 plants)


AmThai Orchids is orchid grower, located nearby Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in orchid  business. We have produced quality Dendrobium orchids flask from Laboratory to Nursery and export in Flask, Seedlings and Blooming.

What is Dendrobium Orchids?

Because of the large number of species in the genus, Dendrobium vary considerably in size, color, and growing conditions-the last a reflection of the variety of habitats and altitudes in which they grow. They are found in hot jungles, in mountains as high as 10,000 feet (3,000 m), in swamps, semiarid regions, and much in between. The classification of the genus is under constant review and it is likely that in the future many will be reallocated to other genera and renamed. The number of species is more than matched by the quantity of hybrids that  have been and continue to be developed. In addition to appearing as pot plants, Dendrobium are well represented in the cut-flower trade.

Dendrobiun Blooming

The plant age is about 12-14  months with plant size about 15-20 cm. They are grown in 3.5 inches pot and time to flowering about 3-4 months. The plants will be in mature stage ready to bloom when the environment is suitable.

The number of flowers  increases as the plant ages. First-bloom seedlings often have one to five flowers per spray. Mature plants can produce 15 or more flowers per inflorescence. The flowers last six to eight weeks.

Credit; 300 Orchids species, hybrids and varieties in cultivation by  Jane Boosey


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


Preferred Temperature

20 C – 36 C

Flowering Frequency

2 – 3 times per year


15 – 25 cm


10 -12 months


3.5 inches