Onc.Mtssa.Shelob Tolkien / 10 Blooming Plants


Minimum Order Quantity : 10 plants each

59 USD/pack (10 plants)


AmThai Orchids is orchid grower online, located nearby Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in orchid  business. We have produced quality Oncidium orchids flask from Laboratory to Nursery and export in Flask, Seedlings and Blooming.

The name Oncidium is derived from the Greek onkus, meaning “mass” or “pad,” which refers to the fleshy warty callus on the lip of many members of the genus. Many of the original species have been moved to similar genera such as Odontoglossum, Brassia, or Miltonia, but Oncidium remains a very large genus in its own right. Flowers within the genus range from the inconspicuous to the large-up to 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter-and are mostly yellow or brown in color.

Oncidium orchids are known as dancing lady or dancing doll orchids for their distinctive floral design which are popular indoor and florist orchids for a very good reason: their large sprays of flowers often sag with dozens of blooms. They have large pseudobulbs that arise from a mass of thin white roots. The large leaves (up to 2 ft.) emerge from the pseudobulbs.

Credit; 300 Orchids species, hybrids and varieties in cultivation by  Jane Boosey


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Preferred Temperature

20 C – 36 C

Flowering Frequency

2 – 3 times per year


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