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Orchid’s root has lower efficiency of absorption compare to the other variety plants due to the Tilosome at the exodermis layer of root. It is a barrier to move the nutrient between exodermis and cortex layer. But CAM orchids have a high efficience absorption at leaf while stomata are opening.Continue Reading

Vanda seedlings age about one year from flask and take about 1 – 2 years to get flowers. As a baby, we need to check and adjust the environment to suit with those varieties. The aerial root system of Vanda, we don’t need the medium for Vanda. We can placeContinue Reading

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  When we talk about orchid in Thailand, most of the people will think about a bunch of orchids or an orchid in a vase for Buddha worship. In fact, it has many orchid species in the world such as Vanda, Cattleya, Rhynchostylis, etc. It also including Dendrobium, which isContinue Reading